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Tapeswaram, the name that is well known to everyone reminds the delicious andhra made sweet “Tapeswaram Khaja”. It is known for it’s taste which looks as folded mat looking in light brown colour from outside and wheat colour inside between which the juice slides from. It makes everyone say, “what a taste”, be it young children or adults, it binds people towards it with it’s ultimate taste. The khaja that’s being made in Tapeswaram made the village a well known place in not only Andhra Pradesh state but also in the whole country. It became a common thing for people who take Tapeswaram Khaja when they visit their friends, relatives who are located in other places. Likewise, people who come to the district definitely thinks to taste them before they leave. This khaja stood as special item among sweets in many national level political meets and conferences across the state.

More interested info about how it was started:

Inventor :Mr.Polisetty Satti Raju

In those days, Mr.Polisetty Satti Raju who belongs to Brahmapuri Village (which is near Kotipalli) came to Tapeswaram along with family when his father moved in to the place. In those days Mr.Ramaswamy used to have a sweet stall in Mandapeta in whose shop Mr.Polisetty Satti Raju used to work in. In the later time when Mr.Ramaswamy closed his shop, Mr.polisetty Satti Raju started his own coffee hotel in the village. Based on his previous experience, he started making sweets in a different way which caught the instinct of many around and slowly the name got propagated across the state.

This made Mr.Polisetty Satti Raju to dare and start making sweets on a dedicated full time activity. Like him, many of his family members who followed his way and established their own sweet stalls individually in the village. In those days, apart from Khaja, he used to also make other Andhra specialties like Arisalu, Sunnundalu, Khajjikayalu etc many varieties in the scout. This finally started as a family business and Mr.Malli Babu took over this as a direction after his father, followed innovative approaches of making khaja by utilizing a combination of man & machinery which automatically increased the production capacity while maintaining quality to meet the demands of it’s audience.

It became a Livelihood for many:

There were many in the state who are getting more than livelihood and making it as a good sweet business by utilizing the name “Sri Bhakthanjaneya Sweet Stall” (which was the stall name that Mr.Polisetty Satti Raju had chosen for his shop in those days) and projecting Tapeswaram Khaja as their specialist item.

Tapeswaram Khaja, being sold on Internet:

These days, many local websites are selling Tapeswaram Khaja as it’s the speciality of the region. Mr.Malli Babu feels happy and proud to announce that their banner is directly/indirectly providing livelihood to many across the region.

These days, many people are keeping aside all pizzas & bakery items and turning towards Tapeswaram Khaja and other Andhra Sweet varieties. This Tapeswaram village has it’s name from 1939 as a specialist for making Andhra Sweet varieties. Keeping this Tapeswaram Khaja in Deep of the Refrigerator adds more life to the sweet i.e. upto around 2 to 3 months period. Anytime, they can be taken out and if kept for around 10 minutes, they will be as tasty as they were before for you to have, information provided by Mr.Malli Babu.

Making Process:

A mix of Oil & Maida powder is made and kept for an hour for the powder to soak well in the oil and the formed mixture is made flat by passing it under rollers and then tolled round in the process. Then, it will have be cut into pieces and lightly pressed to come into the well known shape of Khaja (trapezoid). Later, it will have to be fried in oil in light flame. Once this stage is completed, it will be slowly dumped into juice of sugar and as it become cool, a layer of thick sweet juice is applied over it.

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